Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 8.21.11 PMHere in my home neighborhood of Polk County, Florida (and yes, it was named after the 11th President of the United States, James K. Polk, just like you thought it was) there’s a new magazine on the stands that’s devoted to the local population. That doesn’t mean the native population. We get plenty of visitors from out of state. Heck, we get plenty of visitors from other continents. They wing their way from where ever they call home to the place that I call home, because the place I call home is so stunningly beautiful, affordable, dynamic, awe-inspiring, and maybe even a little relaxing. Whatever the reason, they come. And now that 863 Magazine is on the stands as a freebie, those visitors from far off places can be just as in the loop as any of the long-timers in town are.

The title, 863 Magazine, refers to the area code in these parts. 863 is the prefix assigned to Polk County, a plot of land that’s considerably larger than the state of Rhode Island, yet without all the snooty seaside mansions and old world stuffiness you might find in other parts of the world. Nope, here in Polk you can check out an art museum or go fishing. You can attend the theater, or get sweaty on the bike trails that weave through the Green Swamp or surround Lake Hollingsworth. Polk is a collection of 17 separate and unique municipalities that each have a charm and an identity that’s worth getting to know. There’s no better place to start that research project than in the pages of 863 Magazine.

Check it out. Plan a vacation with it. Walk the streets of any town in Polk and see if you can pick out people who have been featured in the magazine. Go shopping at one of the merchants who advertise in its pages. You just might have fun. Truth be told, there’s at least an outside chance you’ll have so much fun that you’ll feel compelled to shop for a house and move in – at least for part of the year.

Yeah. Polk County is really that cool. Really!

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