I write a weekly column for General Aviation News, which I love. GANews is a leader in the field, from my perspective. They’ve embraced electronic publication and the possibilities blogs present, while integrating that new world approach seamlessly with their old word paper product. I see them as the best of both worlds, and that is only one of the many reasons I love to write for them.

Another point that makes me a huge fan is their willingness to give me free reign on topics. Today’s blog post is a good example. I’m writing about the rush to euthanize general aviation. What’s most troubling about this movement is that it is taking root inside the ranks of formerly, and sometimes current, general aviation participants.

Well…rather than let the cat entirely out of the bag, go ahead and click the link and read the piece. I’m sure you’ll be entertained or enlightened, even if you’re not a big fan of aviation. Feel free to leave a comment if you’re moved in that way, too. That’s the whole point of the blog model, to get a conversation started where it can air out in public.

Read on, good friends. Read on.

One Thought on “A point of discussion about industrial euthanasia

  1. The aviation industry could virtually double their customer base if they would aggressively market to women.
    1. Lots of women want to learn to fly but have not been able to find a school or instructor that makes them feel welcome. They have the time and the money, just can’t find a good place to learn.
    2. If “mom” thinks flying is dangerous, she will not allow her teenagers (and will discourage everyone else) to learn to fly. Sure, they can wait until they are 18 but then they don’t have the money and “mom” isn’t going to pay for something she thinks will harm her child.
    3. If “mom” learns to fly, she will encourage all of her friends and family.
    Sell aviation to women and you get more women and men.

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