About Jamie

When asked what they do for a living, most people can answer with a single declarative sentence. Jamie Beckett cannot. More often than not his reply to that all-too-common question is, “It depends what time it is.” Jamie is a writer, a flight instructor, a community leader, a public speaker, and a family man.

An avid motorcyclist, musician, and recumbent bike fanatic, Jamie’s departure from tradition is evident in virtually everything he does. Once asked at a public event to describe himself in one word, the word he picked was, “unconventional.” It was an appropriate choice.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona Jamie lived in central Connecticut throughout his school years. After spending a good portion of the 1980s as a working musician and a resident of the Greenwich Village section of New York City, he enthusiastically relocated to Florida in the early 1990s. Content to live in the sunshine surrounded by citrus groves, he shows no inclination to leave any time soon.

Contact: JamiesOfficeMail@gmail.com