BinaryChoices3DBinary Choices is the fourth installment of the five part Lifeboat Augusta series. It’s been written, edited, tweaked, re-edited, and is currently in the final stages of production. It will be released shortly to an audience of readers who have been patiently awaiting the next chapters of the story.

They will be pleased, surprised, and left hungry for more I’m sure.

Although much of my writing career has been focused on paper and ink, the Lifeboat Augusta series has not been. Occasionally I’m asked why. And so I’ll tell you.

Publishing has gone through two massive transitions in my life. First, it went from linotype operators and hot lead to the computer age. Edits were done without paper or pencil. The typewriter was replaced by the keyboard and an entire page could be laid out without setting a single letter into a steel form for the printer to use.

A few decades later the second change was to the publications themselves, not just the means of creating them. Ebooks came into being. No more paper, no more warehouses or delivery systems or stinky old trucks are necessary to produce a story and move it from the author’s desk into your hands. It’s all digital now. I like that. In fact, I like that development quite a bit. 

With change comes whining. There are those who bemoan the transition to ebooks and wish for the feel of paper under their fingers. Fair enough. Paper books are still available. I suspect they will be for all time. Burritos and Gasoline, is available in paperback format. In fact, I’ve got a handful of them right here in my office. Even my local coffee shop keeps a supply right there on the counter for tourists and locals who might want to pick up a copy with their morning caffeine fix.  Occasionally a reader will stop in with a copy and ask me to sign it. I always do. A signature is such a small thing, and my readers do so much to make my life more interesting and worthwhile. That’s my one sorrow about ebooks. It’s impossible to sign one. At least as far as I know it is.

As with all things, if there’s a market there will be a supplier. Paper will not go away in our lifetimes. Not mine, anyway. But there are so many advantages to the ebook I decided to embrace it, to make it my preferred method of delivery. And the Lifeboat Augusta series was designed from the start as a serialized set of novellas that would take advantage of the immediacy and low cost of digital publishing and distribution.

With the pending release of Binary Choices there is only one installment left. Survival of the Fittest, is in process now. And what a wonderful process it is. This next ebook will conclude the story of Randy Tagget, Keisha Miller, Scott Cully and the rest of the cast of characters that have survived the obliteration of so much life on earth in, To the Lifeboats. They may save the human race and repopulate the planet, or they may not. I’m not telling. No spoiler alerts are necessary here. My lips are sealed even as my fingertips bang out the final pages of the story. I’m not talking.

Oh, what a story it’s been. I’ve loved putting this story down for posterity. Thanks for coming along for the ride. It has been a pleasure writing it, responding to reader questions, and being entertained by some pretty wild theories about where the story is going and how it will end…if it does end. It’s at least possible that it doesn’t. I’ll hold out that hope for you – at least for now.

So read on, enjoy the journey, and feel free to share your predictions about how it all ends up – or what it all means – or if the story is as far-fetched as it might at first appear. The answers to those questions might surprise you. I know they surprise me all the time.

Thanks for being part of the process. I’ve enjoyed it immensely.


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