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The Book Store contains descriptions of and links to Jamie’s novels, novellas, and short stories. Click the link to go directly to the Amazon page where you can purchase each of these gems. We’ll also give you advance notice of pending releases so you’re never surprised by a new title you didn’t know was on the way, or wait unnecessarily for a new installment of a series without knowing when it will be available for download.



Burritos and Gasoline, is Jamie’s debut novel. Well received and much loved by readers, it’s a story of loss, bad decisions, questionable intent, and eventual redemption. Funny, quirky, and well off the beaten path, the peculiar relationship between Frank Stevens and Danny Loughman sets the tone for this road-trip of a story that is sure to surprise the reader with an unexpected turn or two on the way to its eminently satisfying conclusion.

Available in paperback and ebook formats. 




To the Lifeboats, is the first installment of a five part sci fi series of novellas. With the imminent risk of all life on earth being extinguished, engineering wunderkind Randy Tagget joins an intrepid and decidedly emotional group of had selected individuals on a rocket ride to possible salvation…or not. Their destination is one of three orbiting satellites known as the Lifeboat Augusta.



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Installment two of the Lifeboat Augusta series is, Just About Armageddon. The worst case scenario has played out on earth. Death and destruction has rained down on a global scale and continues killing those left behind with horrible efficiency. While relatively safe aboard the Lifeboat Augusta, Randy Tagget and his guardian angel Keisha Miller find themselves struggling to save their own lives as well as those of every man and woman about their orbiting home away from home. So much for Day One in what was hoped to be a safer, more survivable environment.




Isle of Safety, picks up the story of Randy Tagget and Keisha Miller and their battle for survival in the wake of a global catastrophe. For all their preparation and training, they never foresaw a scenario that pitted survivor against survivor, clique against clique, or trusted leaders against those they were sworn to protect. What options remain when the orbiting lifeboat you call home is no longer the safe harbor it was intended to be? Randy and Keisha find out, and the answer presents them with their toughest challenge yet in this rollicking adventure story.




Binary Choices, is the fourth installment of the earth orbit saga. Returning to the surface is possible, but is it advisable? The same question  applies to staying aboard the lifeboats. Space is a harsh environment under the best of circumstances. Leaders rise, leaders fall, but the risk of imminent death is never more than a failed seal, a damaged heat shield, or a toxic discharge away. Life on earth is no bed of roses either. Should they stay or should they go?




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 Survival of the Fittest, is the fifth and final installment of the Lifeboat Augusta series. As with all mass emigrations, some live, some die, and some get lost in the shuffle. Survival of the Fittest answers the question, who’s left standing in the end? Just as important, where will they stake their claim? Will Randy and Keisha remain aboard the Augusta? Will Scott Cully re-enter the atmosphere to lead the survivors and repopulate the earth? Will Ashish Shah and Ronnie Tarkasian risk the journey home or will they spend the rest of their lives in orbit?



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Deep in the Grove, is the first of a series of short stories straight from the heart of Abiaka County, Florida. This backwater on the Green Swamp isn’t on the maps handed out to tourists. Citrus groves, cattle ranches, and fifth generation residents with no interest in theme parks, white sand beaches, or outlet malls populate this rural stretch of America’s largest sandbar. Sheriff Karl Sweeney keeps the peace and he takes that responsibility to heart. Maybe more than his devoted and thankful neighbors realize. When two young girls disappear after a party celebrating their impending success, Sweeney digs in and searches for answers. When he doesn’t like what he finds a battle begins raging between his morals and his responsibility. The outcome is bloody and permanent – but for whom?

Ebook priced right at just $0.99 every darned day. Grab a copy for yourself.




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