Burrito’s & Gasoline


Burritos and Gasoline

In the fiction aisle we have Burritos & Gasoline. A novel about emotional destitution and ultimate redemption. Available in trade paperback or as an e-book exclusively through Amazon.com, readers have shown a solid affection for this simple story populated with fully fleshed out characters and a road trip that is consistently unpredictable and enticing.

After more than twenty-years of bad decisions and spectacular personal failures, Frank Stevens desperately needs to be pulled out of the death spiral he’s fallen into. A chance and entirely unexpected reunion with his best friend from childhood presents that exact opportunity at the precise moment he needs it most.

Frank and the long-lost Danny Loughman launch off on an epic road-trip together. If Frank can keep his wits about him and Danny doesn’t expire in his sleep, they just might find their destination, earn a shot at redemption, and arrive at a place called home – if it isn’t already too late.

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