Isle of Safety


Isle of Safety

Installment 3 of the Lifeboat Augusta series

A Royal/Winfield eBook

Randy Tagget and Keisha Miller join together in an effort to survive. They’ve abandoned the Augusta, running for their lives. But where to go? Space is an inhospitable environment under the best of circumstances, and the scenario Randy and Keisha find themselves in is far from ideal.

There are two other lifeboats in orbit, the Concordia and the Pax. Or at least there should be. If they find one of them, they might have a chance. Survival is possible. Maybe. Provided the living conditions they find prove to be more hospitable than the circumstances they left behind on the Augusta.

Are there still survivors on the surface of the planet, or are the few destitute individuals in orbit the last representatives of the human race? Time may tell, but time is not something Randy and Keisha have an abundance of.

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