It’s difficult to suggest I’ve attained the status of being an opinion leader without sounding indelicate, or egocentric. But there it is. I am. It’s true. You can verify this for yourself by simply clicking this link and reading the blog post it leads you to. It appropriately enough falls under the title, “Opinion Leaders, GA leaders sharing their expert opinions.”

See, I told you I was one.

Welcome to, The Conundrum of Modern Life, hosted by AOPA.

Perhaps it’s best to define some terms for the benefit of the uninitiated. GA stands for General Aviation. The term refers to smaller airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, and the sort of flying done by people who aren’t wearing a uniform or drawing a paycheck from an airline because of their service on the flight. I’m a GA kind of guy. That’s not all that rare, though. There are hundreds of thousands of us in the U.S. It’s practically a club, for goodness sake.

AOPA is an acronym that stands for Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. And while I am not an aircraft owner, I am a pilot. I’m also prone to sharing my opinion with pretty much anyone who asks. It’s almost a disease. Perhaps I should consult with my doctor about this tendency. Then again, we just spent some leisurely time at the local coffee shop swapping opinions on a wide variety of topics. So maybe he wouldn’t see it as a disease at all. Perhaps it’s just a social interaction thing that fuels debate and gets our morning off to an entertaining start. Either way, take a look at AOPA’s Opinion Leaders when you get the chance. A number of truly interesting people share their views in this space on a regular basis. With the variety built into the publication you almost have to find an affinity for at least one of them.

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