Something’s happening in America, and it’s weird. Our affluence has become so ingrained in our daily lives, we no longer notice it. We’ve become convinced that we’re underprivileged, overlooked, and forgotten. The opposite is true, of course. We’re wealthy beyond the imagination of billions of our fellow human beings. Billions, mind you. Not just a few hundred thousand millionaires whose salaries and investments make the average hourly worker’s income look like a tip for good service in a top end restaurant.

Yeah, I’ll say it. We’re so spoiled we don’t even recognize how good we’ve got it. Waaa, that guy has more than I do! So what? Is that guy happy? Do his children look up to him? Does he have real friends, or does he just have a collection of hangers-on who won’t let go until the last dollar is gone? You don’t know. And that’s the whole point.

Build a life, folks. Don’t worry about what the other guy has. Focus on who you want to be…then work to become that person.

  • If Kobe Bryant goes broke, you won’t have one dollar more than you do now. So let it go.
  • If Bruce Willis never works again, it won’t help your bottom line a bit.
  • If Oprah Winfrey loses her fortune, it will not be falling down your chimney as if Santa’s bag sprung a leak.
  • When Kim Kardashian’s fame wanes, your star will not be on the rise.
  • If Glenn Beck goes broke, it will not cause you to win the lottery.
  • Should Les Moonves declare bankruptcy, the result will not allow you to park a nicer car in your driveway.

Face the facts, folks. Your life is your life, their lives are their lives. You have to make the most of what you have, set your sights high, work hard, and hope for a few lucky breaks along the way. But there is no magic dollar sign that will make your life a bowl full of cherries. You’ll just have to get used to living a lifestyle that is beyond the hopes and dreams of most of the world’s population, and stop believing that you’ve been passed by. You haven’t.

If you live indoors, have air-conditioning, heat, television, a phone, and clean water to drink – congratulations – you’re a one-percenter. So stop looking at the top tenth of a percent and blaming them for your lot in life. Your lot looks pretty damn good to a couple billion people who are wandering around without adequate housing, food, or bacteria free water supplies right now.

Get some perspective. Seriously. 

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  1. Well, well said Jamie.

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