Podcast ArtThis episode kicks off the, Have I Got a Story for You, podcast.

Because writer’s like to talk, and especially like to talk to other writers, this podcast is dedicated to casual conversation between writers from diverse backgrounds who all have on thing in common – I like them. That’s pretty much the whole vetting process right there in a nutshell.

The guest for this episode is my good friend Kevin Garrison. With the ill-named polar vortex bearing down on his Kentucky horse ranch, Kevin is curled up inside with plenty of blankets, lots of hot cocoa, and a cell phone connection that’s suffering from the frigid temperatures as much as he is. Still, he’s as entertaining as ever, even

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 10.34.53 PM¬†telling the story behind how his book, Clear Left – I’ll have the Chicken, came to carry that particular title – and why it’s not wrong, even if you heard the joke told differently by somebody else.

The episode opens and closes with a jaunty little ditty called, Intoxicated Rat by the Dixon Brothers (Dorsey and Howard). Recorded in the 1930s, the brothers have a great story to tell, which makes their 80 year old recording the perfect intro and outro for this inaugural episode of, Have I Got a Story for You!




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