C.G. Blake is an old friend and a talented writer. In fact, Mr. Blake was being paid to write way back in the days when I was still a long haired kid with a guitar and a dream. Over time my dreams changed a bit, but C.G. kept his nose to the grindstone, made a real success of himself, and has become quite an authority on the subject of writing and writers.

Some time back we conducted an interview as one writer to another. It was an interesting experience, since we’ve known each oth

er for such a long time and know each other’s back stories so well. After reading the interview perhaps you’ll enjoy that insight, too. I certainly hope so.

You can visit C.G. Blake’s blog here, and read the interview there. http://cgblake.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/interview-with-author-jamie-beckett/

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