Sarahs Speedwing lo res Sarahs Speedwing w:Madison lo resIt’s been a busy Wednesday. But then every day is busy when Sun ‘n Fun is in town. This massive aviation oriented circus of activity rolls into Lakeland, Florida every Spring – filling  restaurants and hotel rooms even as it empties the rental car lots. Something on the order of 200,000 people will wander through the gates of the International Fly-In an Expo hoping to see something spectacular, to meet a new friend, to run into an old acquaintance, or to learn something they never knew before. Few if any go away disappointed.

The show opened yesterday. By today more than 3.400 international guests had registered their attendance, while throngs of their North American neighbors prowl the grassy infield, check out the vendors along the taxiways, window shop in the hangars – and of course they purchase things in massive numbers. Everything from an ice-cream sandwich to a King Air priced just north of $7 million are on site and available for sale.

How can you not love Sun ‘n Fun?

Helocopter simMy biggest kick today came from a fellow navigating his way through a hover across an airport – in simulated flight. Flight sims have become big business. They come in all sizes, all shapes. Some move, some sit still, but they’re all fantastic tools for learning. The one that caught my eye today was made to simulate a helicopter, and based on the actions and reactions of the pilot – it seemed to be doing an excellent job of putting him through his paces. It was also nearly six feet tall. Whew, this thing could give you a workout, I have no doubt.

The show runs through Sunday, April 14th. If you’re within commuting distance (somewhere on mainland North America I suspect) I highly encourage you to come. Whether you fly or not, this is an event to be seen. Heck, you might like it so much you start playing with airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, and anything else that will get airborne. This is an addictive life-style. I sincerely hope you get the chance to discover it for yourself one day.


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