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As you may know, I do not spend the bulk of my time in an office, head down, fingers poised over the keys, waiting for inspiration to strike. Rather, I prefer to get out and do things. Actual experiences make for better imagining when writing time rolls around.

This week I’m off seeking those experiences. You might even call this an adventure, but that would be an incorrect term. I’m seeking a little AirVenture in my life this week. That’s why I’m headed for Cheese-ville, just north of the Harley-Davidson factory in Madison, where cows roam free and wind turbines line the bean fields. If you’re looking for me this week, you’ll have to book a trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. That’s where I’ll be hanging out.

AirVenture is the largest aviation-oriented gathering in North America. If you’re into aviation at all, this is a must-see event. You’ve got to go at least once in your life. Maybe twice. Or more. It’s that good.  Read More →

It’s been my great pleasure to write for a number of publications that fall under the umbrella of AOPA (the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). Most recently they’ve tapped me to write periodic columns that appear beside those of other industry professionals. The series is called, Opinion Leaders. The group I’m included with is a fairly heavy hitting collection of folks. I’m proud to be in their company, frankly.

My latest contribution can be found here. It’s a brief dissertation on the topic of Light Sport Aircraft and sport pilots. Within the general aviation industry these small, light, fuel efficient aircraft are often seen as pests, or lesser machinery. Worse, their pilots are often denigrated as being less than real pilots. I have a thing or two to say about that, and so I did – right here, in the Opinion Leaders forum at AOPA.