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Have I ever mentioned how much I love Jane Waters Thomas? There are very few occurrences in my workday that are more enjoyable than spending time with Jane. She’s creative, adorable, curious, dedicated, and apparently indefatigable. Throw in a a few cameras, a production facility, and enough free to time really stretch out and talk about whatever crosses her mind, and you’re in for a good time. At least I was. I submit this video clip as evidence. Her interview in the Writers Den at PGTV is one of the more enjoyable interactions I’ve had while promoting my work. I only hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

On with the show!

BinaryChoices3DBinary Choices is the fourth installment of the five part Lifeboat Augusta series. It’s been written, edited, tweaked, re-edited, and is currently in the final stages of production. It will be released shortly to an audience of readers who have been patiently awaiting the next chapters of the story.

They will be pleased, surprised, and left hungry for more I’m sure.

Although much of my writing career has been focused on paper and ink, the Lifeboat Augusta series has not been. Occasionally I’m asked why. And so I’ll tell you.

Publishing has gone through two massive transitions in my life. First, it went from linotype operators and hot lead to the computer age. Edits were done without paper or pencil. The typewriter was replaced by the keyboard and an entire page could be laid out without setting a single letter into a steel form for the printer to use.

A few decades later the second change was to the publications themselves, not just the means of creating them. Ebooks came into being. No more paper, no more warehouses or delivery systems or stinky old trucks are necessary to produce a story and move it from the author’s desk into your hands. It’s all digital now. I like that. In fact, I like that development quite a bit.  Read More →

Isle_of_Safety_FlatIt’s titled, Isle of Safety. This third novella of the Lifeboat Augusta series advances the story of Randy Tagget, Keisha Miller, and the fewer than two thousand survivors of a global catastrophe. An extinction level event. With the earth horribly damaged the survivors preemptively relocated to earth orbit. The only safe zone that was close enough to offer the gift of survival, even if that gift comes with the substantial strings of considerable permanent risk.

First came, To the Lifeboats. That was followed by, Just About Armageddon. Isle of Safety continues to tale, to be followed by, Binary Choices, and conclude with, Survival of the Fittest. In all they complete the story. It’s the Lifeboat Augusta series. I hope you enjoy it.

Isle of Safety – Buy Now!