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Somewhere along the line it seems folks have lost the thread that makes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge so remarkable. It’s not really about dumping ice-water on your head or shaming your friends into doing the same. It’s about raising awareness and funding to battle a horrific disease. So when I was challenged to participate, I accepted – but I threw in a twist I wish more of us would include in our videos.

Enjoy it or hate it, watch if you will. Then consider how you might do something a bit more beneficial than just dumping water on your head. The concept is timeless, so if you feel a need to help someone, do it. You’ll be glad in the long run.

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 7.45.00 AM863 Magazine is the brainchild of a husband and wife team who have, if nothing else, a deep and abiding love of their community. And by community I don’t mean their immediate neighborhood. They view the world through a different prism. A good prism that gathers all the quirky, interesting, casual, comforting, and unexpected bits of life from this corner of the world. They gather these details and share them in print and on line. They’re the good guys. To their credit, they’re doing something about their dreams. Specifically, they’re living them. And thanks to their generous spirit of sharing, you get to life them too. At least you can live them vicariously through the pages of the magazine. Why not? I do.

The plot of land 863 Magazine represents is probably different than the one you live on. For one thing, it doesn’t snow here, there are no mountains, and white water is only seen coming directly from the tap. 863 is an area code in central Florida, where the sun is strong, the sand is plentiful, and the landscape is as flat as a pancake. Well, a lumpy pancake, but still, pretty darned flat.

Sergio and Andrea are the captains of the ship. As they guide their readers through voyage after voyage through the area, they grow even as they help their readers grow. I like this magazine. I like writing for it. I enjoy the other writers I find there, too. Most of them are people I have shared a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with. But not all. I have something to learn about the world around me, and 863 Magazine helps fill in a few of those gaps with each new issue. So grab a copy, flip through the pages, see if there isn’t something in the 863 area code that grabs your attention. And if there is, why not plan on stopping by to see whatever that is for yourself?

We love company.