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Survival_FacebookWhew, that was a long intermission. I’m up early this morning thanks to a daughter with a penchant for hitting the snooze button, but with no particular interest in actually getting out of bed. That being the case, I thought this would be a good opportunity to catch up readers of this blog on what’s been happening and what’s coming up.

I know you can hardly wait to get the lowdown on my own personal hoedown of activity.

First and foremost I should come clean on the issue that seems to bug people most. I don’t write every day. There, I said it. To be more accurate I think it might be better to say, I don’t write for publication every day. Weekly, yes. Daily, not a chance. Just like you, I’ve got other fish to fry, other chores to attend to, and maybe even a nap to take in the afternoon.

That nap sounds particularly good right now. Yikes, it’s not even 7AM yet. What’s that say about my lifestyle? Nothing good, I think.

Since I last posted in this space, I’ve been hard at work converting The Lifeboat Augusta series to audiobooks. That work is almost complete. The fifth and final installment, Survival of the Fittest, will be on the market in just a matter of days. That will feel good. A completed project leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. Getting things done is my purpose in life. At least I think it is. So far, anyway.

Of course when I say, “I’ve been hard at work,” what I actually mean is, Elizabeth Phillips has been hard at work. It’s Elizabeth who reads, records, edits, fusses, and fixes every syllable of the five novellas that make up the full series. I simply click a button and listen to her elegant, alluring, oh so feminine voice put life to my words. Read More →

It’s been my great pleasure to write for a number of publications that fall under the umbrella of AOPA (the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). Most recently they’ve tapped me to write periodic columns that appear beside those of other industry professionals. The series is called, Opinion Leaders. The group I’m included with is a fairly heavy hitting collection of folks. I’m proud to be in their company, frankly.

My latest contribution can be found here. It’s a brief dissertation on the topic of Light Sport Aircraft and sport pilots. Within the general aviation industry these small, light, fuel efficient aircraft are often seen as pests, or lesser machinery. Worse, their pilots are often denigrated as being less than real pilots. I have a thing or two to say about that, and so I did – right here, in the Opinion Leaders forum at AOPA. 


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Some say it’s time to turn out the lights. It’s over. I say we’re very near the dawn of a new day. What do you think? The good folks at General Aviation News gave me some space to share these thoughtswith their readers. So whadaya think? Is general aviation is the dumper, or does it have a bright future and many golden years to come?

New flight students need to know the basics. Old hands do, too. So whether you’re new to the flying game or an experienced pro, we need to learn, review, and expand on our knowledge base on a regular basis.

So let’s start with the basics, the four forces of flight. They are, in no particular order…

Lift, Weight, Thrust, and Drag. 
The lift part seems obvious. You need to have lift to fly. But how much lift do you need? Well, you need exactly as much, or slightly more than the total weight of the aircraft and everything in it. Read More →