It was the mid 1980s when the Broken Hearts came to public notice. With a growing following in the northeastern US and a newly released album, they moved to New York City to pursue fame and fortune. Like so many bands, that is where it all fell apart. The four members of the Broken Hearts went their separate ways, all going on to successful lives. But they all continued to dabble in music. Some more than others. Michael Mazzarella led the Rooks for years, building a respectable following and a library of tunes that continues to expand. Today he is a member of Sonic Blue Sound Revue and continues to play in and around NYC and the world. Tom Bittel took over guitar duties in a surf band known as The Aquatudes. Drummer Patrick Yourell played with fellow Broken Heart Mazzarella in the Rooks for several years. Today he’s in Canada, but not by force. He says he likes it there. Bassist Jamie Beckett went the other way, disappearing into the swampy sandbar known as Florida where he claims to be at home and loving it. He still plays often, but rarely in public. His last gig was with a pick up band in Winter Haven, Florida’s Central Park, led by Nat West, and including Squire Smith on bass and the inimitable Jim Stafford on guitar. Let me tell you, that boy can play!

Here’s a sample of what the Broken Hearts were all about. Live, at Mad Murphy’s Pub in Hartford, Connecticut – sometime in 1985 – it’s The Broken Hearts!

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