Variety may be the spice of life, but being over-scheduled, over-worked, and unfocused tends to make Jack a cranky, unlikeable boy. Be that as it may, things are about to change around here. Live the Zealous Life was originally intended to be a catch-all for the various work I do. Politics, aviation, writing, parenting, the whole shebang. Plans are one thing. Execution is another. It’s time to whittle this site down to the basics. The fun stuff. The content that readers find most appealing. Live the Zealous Life is streamlining – and it’s my hope you’ll enjoy the new design and the new focus much more than this original version.

Starting soon (by February 2014 certainly) these pages and posts will become focused completely in writing, publishing, and the creative impulse. In addition to the blog there will be a podcast that brings other writers into this space to share their stories of how they work, why they write, and what advice they might share with others who wish to write and publish.

The process of change can be hard. But change is a necessary part of life. Right now I’m truly looking forward to refocusing Live the Zealous Life into a fun site, an educational and entertaining place in the Internet. A home away from home that you can visit while on the train to work, lying in bed, at your desk, or even during an atypically long diversion from your daily routine (also referred to as a bathroom break).

So come back and come back soon. Things will look and feel a bit different when you do. I think you’ll like what you find here.

Until then, bundle up, y’all. It’s colder than anyone wishes it was right now.

Carry on.

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