SmallCover_JPGHow would you like to be honored, celebrated, immortalized even – with your name in a book? Pretty cool, huh? Well, hang on tight, Skippy. This post just might hold the secret to your big chance to see your name in print.

Traditionally, there are three ways to get your name in a book. They are, as follows.

1) Write a book. This is by far the slowest, most work-intensive, and frustrating way to get your name into a book. Plus, it requires you to write a lot. That alone has caused many a successful person to terminate their own existence rather than face the pencil, the pen, the typewriter, or the keyboard one more time. Slow and risky, but it’s a viable method. And so we move on to option…

Small Cover2) Be a character in a book. In the non-fiction world this is risky, too. Books are rarely written about really nice, polite, gracious people who everyone likes. More often than not they’re written about gold-diggers, bullies, thieves, and murderers. Who wants to be the focus of one of those stories? On the fiction side it’s something of a crapshoot. The character might  be a good person, or they might be an ugly, brutish beast who lives in an empty refrigerator at the end of a really smelly alley. Again, a viable method of getting your name in a book, but it’s so random and fraught with potential baggage its not worth holding your breath. Which leads us to option…

3) Impress an author so much he (or she) dedicates an entire book to you and you alone. Ahh, now that’s satisfying. You can spend the rest of your life telling that story at the company Christmas party, or in the reception line at a wedding, or where ever else you might want to toss a little zinginto the festivities.

Of the three methods available to you, number 3 is definitely the quickest, the most flattering, and the easiest to do. And so I’m going to throw the door to that exact alternative.

Isle_of_Safety_FlatDid I hear somebody say, Yippeeee! Yeah, I thought that was your heart singing. And why not? This is pretty exciting stuff.  This is your chance to be the individual mentioned on the dedication page of, Binary Choices, the 4th installment of the Lifeboat Augusta series.

So here’s the deal. It’s totally subjective and potentially unfair and it might even make a few of your friends and neighbors jealous, but they’re just going to have to learn to live with it. Because if you write the most interesting and compelling review of Isle of Safety and post it to that eBooks Amazon page by March 31, 2014 – I’ll include you on the dedication page to the very next installment, Binary Choices.

Really, I will. That’s the deal. And to sweeten the pot I’ll make this commitment.  I’m not going to just dash off a brief, barely credible dedication that reads, “For Beth.” No, I’d wouldn’t leave one of my most dedicated readers twisting in the wind like that. I’m going to get specific.  There’s not going to any doubt about who I’m dedicating this critical fourth installment of the story to. Nope. It’s going to be as clear as a dry and cloudless Montana  sky.Or at least as specific as you’re willing to let me be. Include the way you want to be identified in your review and that’s how you’ll be featured on the dedication page. It might say something like, “For Beth von Steenburgen who does such a great job packing up critical care items at MWI Veterinary Supply in  Boise, Idaho. Without her support and encouragement I might not have been able to finish this story on my own. But she inspired me. She pushed me across the finish line. And for that I will be forever thankful.” Or something like that. The name, the town, and the specific reference to the reader’s influence in my life may vary, of course. That’s largely up to you, after all.

So get reading and get writing. Include whatever information you’d like to see in your dedication in your review, and I’ll evaluate ’em all. Using a totally unscientific, subjective system of selection I’ll pick a winner and you can read the results on the dedication page of Binary Choices, which is scheduled for release this summer. So be pithy. Tug at my heartstrings. Make me laugh. Do whatever you think will work best – and let me know how to identify you in the book.

You never can tell. This might be the start of a beautiful, long-lasting relationship. I certainly hope so!

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