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Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 7.10.37 PMSam Torode is simply amazing. His first novel, The Dirty Parts of the Bible, has outsold his wildest dreams. For a writer, that’s a big deal. As it should be.

The two of us became acquainted a couple years ago when I reached out and contacted Sam completely out of the blue. Thankfully, rather than calling the police to insist on a restraining order, Sam returned the favor, opening a line of communication that I have come to sincerely appreciate. In this discussion he’s unguarded  about his writing process, admits to an occasional bout with writer’s block, and expresses real surprise at the popularity of his debut novel. This episode of the podcast shows real insight into a true artist.

I’ve come to think a lot of Sam Torode and his work. If you haven’t read, The Dirty Parts of the Bible yet, please do. And click the link that will take you to a truly engaging conversation with a thoughtful, talented man. By the time the closing music plays, I think you’ll be glad you did.


Fireball - Carole Lombard & the Mystery of Flight 3Robert Matzen’s latest book, Fireball – Carole Lombard & the Mystery of Flight 3, is a terrific read. Matzen details the life, times, and final days of a Hollywood icon. Carole Lombard wasn’t an “A” List star, but she was well known for her screwball comedies as well as for being the wife of the brightest star in Hollywood’s firmament, Clark Gable.

Sent on a War Bond tour within weeks of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Lombard embraced the role. She was under strict orders not to fly, and promised she wouldn’t. Yet the outcome of her final trip assures us she did indeed climb aboard a TWA DC-3 and depart the Las Vegas desert for Los Angeles where she hoped to be reunited with her husband. She didn’t get there. Instead, she and 21 others met their end on the face of Potosi Mountain, an 8,500 foot peak that’s  only thirty miles from downtown Las Vegas. It’s clearly visible from the city.

Thanks to Robert for taking the time to talk with me and giving me permission to share that conversation with you. He’s a talented writer, a generous interview subject, and a truly interesting man.

Fireball – Carole Lombard & the Mystery of Flight 3, is published by GoodKnight Books. It’s available in brick and mortar bookstores and through Amazon.


Podcast ArtThis episode kicks off the, Have I Got a Story for You, podcast.

Because writer’s like to talk, and especially like to talk to other writers, this podcast is dedicated to casual conversation between writers from diverse backgrounds who all have on thing in common – I like them. That’s pretty much the whole vetting process right there in a nutshell.

The guest for this episode is my good friend Kevin Garrison. With the ill-named polar vortex bearing down on his Kentucky horse ranch, Kevin is curled up inside with plenty of blankets, lots of hot cocoa, and a cell phone connection that’s suffering from the frigid temperatures as much as he is. Still, he’s as entertaining as ever, even

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 10.34.53 PM telling the story behind how his book, Clear Left – I’ll have the Chicken, came to carry that particular title – and why it’s not wrong, even if you heard the joke told differently by somebody else.

The episode opens and closes with a jaunty little ditty called, Intoxicated Rat by the Dixon Brothers (Dorsey and Howard). Recorded in the 1930s, the brothers have a great story to tell, which makes their 80 year old recording the perfect intro and outro for this inaugural episode of, Have I Got a Story for You!




EricWith the final day of Sun ‘n Fun looming, Uncle Billy once again called on me to take over his podcast, Uncle Billy’s Enunciator Panel. With little time and less budget, I was fortunate to run into my old buddy Eric Crump in the Redbird simulator tent. I asked him to participate with me and he took the bait. I think I’ve found a stand-by host to work with when I’m in a pinch. It’s a good thing, too, because Eric is not only a pretty sharp guy, he’s got a sense of humor and I really enjoy spending time with him. It’s hardly work when Crump is on hand – even if the talk gets technical we seem to find a way to make it entertaining. At least it’s entertaining for us.

Click the link and listen if you wish. We may not be Uncle Billy, but we’re certainly a reasonable facsimile of the Uncle Billy experience – so for the moment at least, I guess Eric and I are the Enunciator Panel. Enjoy the show!


My good buddy Eric Crump and I were tapped to fill in for Uncle Billy on his podcast this week. We had a heck of a good time, even though we were last minute replacements and had absolutely no time to prepare for the program. Thankfully we had Uncle Billy’s notes to work from. Beyond that, we just winged it, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The program is called Uncle Billy’s Enunciator Panel. Click the link and listen, if you dare.

Eric is the director of the aerospace program at Polk State College here in central Florida. He got us into a great chat about aerospace education K-12. From there we launched off into a discussion of Sun ‘n Fun which shifts into high gear next week for their International Fly-In and Expo. And we wrapped it all up with a timely give and take about the pending tower closures that are going to turn the lights out on 149 air traffic control towers across the United States.

All in all we had a great time. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

If working in radio is this much fun, I’ll be happy to fill in for Uncle Billy, or anyone else, any time they ask.