EricWith the final day of Sun ‘n Fun looming, Uncle Billy once again called on me to take over his podcast, Uncle Billy’s Enunciator Panel. With little time and less budget, I was fortunate to run into my old buddy Eric Crump in the Redbird simulator tent. I asked him to participate with me and he took the bait. I think I’ve found a stand-by host to work with when I’m in a pinch. It’s a good thing, too, because Eric is not only a pretty sharp guy, he’s got a sense of humor and I really enjoy spending time with him. It’s hardly work when Crump is on hand – even if the talk gets technical we seem to find a way to make it entertaining. At least it’s entertaining for us.

Click the link and listen if you wish. We may not be Uncle Billy, but we’re certainly a reasonable facsimile of the Uncle Billy experience – so for the moment at least, I guess Eric and I are the Enunciator Panel. Enjoy the show!


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